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Modernize equestrian sport by bringing advanced statistics to the public. 


Our show-jumping competition product Alogo SHOW is based on a software designed by Alogo Analysis SA. The novel scoring software track faults and performance of the rider, and quantify the difficulty of the course and obstacles based on the collected data. The patented system provides added value to the events by enhancing fan engagement and understanding of the sport. Alogo SHOW is completely non-intrusive for riders and horses, and can be easily implemented for both indoor and outdoor competitions.


Below you can see some of the services and data provided to CHI Geneva and Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping 2016.


Discover our ghosting comparison, which highlight the key differences that separates the winner from the runner-up.

Intermediate times

Discover how intermediate time added value to your event without distracting attention from live action.

Metro Comparison

Metro comparison shows the intermediate times in a different way.

Other statistics

The visual indication of the most knocked obstacles makes it possible to highlight which obstacles were the most difficult for the riders. The percentage of riders out of the allowed time highlights another difficulty that the riders have to face during the initial course.

Additional features

Alogo SHOW provides some additional features:

  • Official Timing
  • 3D modeling of courses
  • Database of detailed statistics on competitors:
    • Percentage of courses without penalties,
    • Type of obstacle most at fault,
    • Total number participated courses,
    • Types of penalties performed,
    • Etc.



Today, only the number of penalties and the total time of a rider are displayed on the various media. There are no statistics that would improve the understanding or interest of equestrian sports.

display without stats


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